Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul with Humming and Vibrations

The humming effect: sound healing for health and happiness / Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman



  • Many believe that the vibrations from humming can transform physical energy, emotional energy, and spiritual energy


  • Everything around you has a certain vibration frequency.
  • This includes light, sound and all matter.
  • As a matter of fact, one of the ways that the bacteria inside you communicates is through frequencies of light


  • Substances, like food, also have frequencies
  • And nobody reacts in the same exact way to a particular food, smell, or color


  • We are all unique from this perspective.
  • And one vibration or humming technique that might be helpful to someone, might not be useful for another


Humming Health Benefits: Ways that Humming can be Helpful

  • Binaural Beat frequencies can change brain waves
  • Humming increases cellular oxygen levels
  • Humming can lower heartrate
  • Humming can decrease blood pressure
  • Humming improves blood circulation
  • Humming influences circulation of the lymphatic system
  • Humming can increase melatonin levels
  • Humming lowers certain stress hormones
  • Humming produces endorphins
  • Humming can increase blood flow to certain tissues
  • Humming can help with tension
  • Humming can help transform obstructed and imbalanced energy



 The Authors Believe that Humming can Influence…

  • Neurons in the Brain
    • Humming may encourage the creation of fresh neurons
    • Forming synapses and networks linking brain cells
    • Restore broken and impaired neurons
  • Microtubules in the Brain
    • Microtubules are small proteins that give cells their structure and form
    • Scientific research has shown that microtubules within the brain vibrate at a frequency of ten million times per second
    • Changing the microtubule frequency has the potential to influence cell behavior and many health conditions


Directing Vibrations to Different Parts of Your Body

  • When you begin humming, you might notice how the vibration is in more than one location
  • The feeling from the sound waves can be sensed in areas such as
  • Lips
  • Throat
  • Cheeks
  • Sinus Cavity
  • Vocal chords
  • On top of the head
  • Skull
  • Chest
  • Abdomen


Transmitting a Particular Emotion or Feeling onto a Sound Vibration

  • Projecting certain ideas with the vibration
    • conscious thoughts, beliefs, and imagination
    • State of happiness, well-being, comfort, or gratefulness
  • Think about techniques that works best for you
  • Try to be flexible when you are practicing these techniques


Ways to Explore Humming

  • Practice humming at a different pitch.
  • See if you prefer one frequency over another and if a certain frequency “speaks to you”
    • To begin, find a comfortable position
    • It is important to start with slow and calming deep breaths
    • You can change your pitch with “Oo” “Ah” or “Ee” sounds
    • Focus on the sensations from the sound vibration
      • Where is the sensation?
      • Is the vibration on the cheeks or the lips?
      • Or the chest, head and forehead?


  • Try humming with a single pitch
    • Begin the hum with an “Oh” or “Huh” sound
    • Then follow with a “mmmm” sound
    • Make sure that the hum is comfortable and their isn’t any strain on the vocal chords
    • It may be helpful to take a break in between hums with some calming breathing


Things to Keep in Mind

  • Do not put stress on the throat and vocal chords
  • Sit in a comfortable way
  • Choose a tone that is comfortable to you
  • A louder volume doesn’t mean that the hum will be more beneficial
  • Avoid putting tension on the jaw and teeth
  • It may be helpful to create a space between the upper teeth and lower teeth
  • Sometimes the vibration is more pronounced when the teeth are touching
  • Laying down seems to reduce the vibration
  • Standing requires attention, which can be distractive and counterproductive
  • Closing the eyes may help to become centered and more focused
  • Take some time afterwards to reflect and relax